Welcome to our Community

We are a diverse group of people united in the belief of the complexity of the human psyche and willing to question what lies beneath human experience and behavior. Psychoanalysis is a rich field, as it integrates neuroscientific psychological sociological and evolutionary theories, as well as learning from philosophy, art mythology and all human endeavors.

"If we can't find a way to tell our story, our story tells us" Stephen Grosz

The New Mexico Psychoanalytic Society was founded in 1991 as a chapter of Division 39, Psychoanalysis, of the American Psychological Association, with the purpose of supporting mental health practitioners as well as all students of human behavior, with information and education. We offer four yearly events that provide in depth information on how the mind works, gets damaged and then repaired by our science.

Psychoanalysis is no longer just a theoretical construct. As Freud predicted, neuroscience is providing brain scan evidence for not just the theories, but also the outcomes of psychoanalytic based treatment for mental suffering. Nobel Prize winner neuroscientist Eric Kandel says: "it is amazing how much of our contemporary neuroscience's view of the mind follows outlines of Freud's thinking".

Our field has also grown tremendously since Freud, acquiring a theoretical fullness that can be used to explore the incredible complexity of what it means to be human, from our most physical rootedness in body and drive, to the most sublime accomplishments of culture, art and knowledge. Psychoanalysis is not just a theory. Based on our knowledge, we have devised healing methods that can reverse the ravages of early trauma and return people to a satisfying life.

Mission Statement

Our organization is dedicated to promoting knowledge and discussion among professionals in the mental health field. We also welcome our colleagues in all other fields of the arts and sciences to join our study and to contribute their unique experience and wisdom to the enhancement of this exciting field. We welcome everyone who is interested in participating. We aim to be a provider of support, information, education and training.